Monday, June 11, 2012

Festiva in the Park: Day 8

FRIDAY JUNE 8th, 2012

Two words for today... long and hot. We left Bishop fairly early and headed out across the desert. We headed south for a bit and then turned east. We crossed at least three mountain ranges/ridges before turning south again toward Las Vegas. The country is very sparsely populated as can be expected in such and hot, dry and barren area but the road seemed well traveled.

Across the desert....

At our first gas stop.

When we reached Las Vegas the temperature was 98°F (37°C)! The car did run a little hot but we were thankful for the air-conditioning. Our only real "tourist" stop was the Hoover Dam. The water level was extremely low. It was worth the detour off the main highway as the dam can't be seen from the new overpass.

Hoover Dam on the upstream side!

Spillway and the new overpass in the background.

Welcome to Arizona

Welcome to Kingman AZ

We joined the Historic Highway 66 at Kingman AZ and headed east to Flagstaff reaching our destination in good time, at around 7:00pm. We had arranged to meet Charlie, a friend from the Festiva forum (, that evening. He and his friend Kelsey met us for dinner and showed us a little bit of historic downtown Flagstaff. They recommended a great restaurant, the Beaver Street Brewing Company Whistle Stop Cafe. Really enjoyed the food and company after a long 9 1/2 hours in the car. We made arrangements to meet up in the morning to head out on our next leg of the road trip... Grand Canyon.

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