Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Festiva in the Park: Day 5

TUESDAY JUNE 5th, 2012

Today started out with somewhat clear skies but the rain had stopped. Loaded up the car, had our breakfast and then headed off west to Florence OR to see the dunes.

We ran into some rain along the way but it had cleared up by the time we arrived in Florence after another enjoyable drive. We stopped by the visitor information center and a rather large thrift store. It started to rain as we left there for a short drive to the dunes but when we got out of the car the rain had stopped, the sky cleared and we were able to enjoy some time on the beach.

I and E enjoying the surf

The camera timer in action... I, B, Sharon, Ian and E.

Festiva in the park!

We left the dunes area, picked up some lunch at Safeway and headed south. Next stop was the Umpqua lighthouse. Beautiful spot with some awesome views of the ocean. We had hoped to see a whale or two but being late in the whale season there were none to be seen. The sun was still shining when we left Umpqua and headed for our hotel in the Medford OR area.

At the Umpqua Lighthouse

I and E enjoying the view.

Beautiful drive along the Umpqua River.

If you're getting tired just follow that truck.
We have been blessed with sunshine when we needed it for the past few days. The forecast looks a lot better for the next few days and we're looking forward to driving without having to use the windshield wipers. After a swim in the pool another day comes to an end.

An early start tomorrow will see us on our way to the Muir Woods and San Francisco.

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  1. The beach looks fun! You missed a crazy thunder storm here last night!