Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Festiva in the Park: Day 6


Lots of driving today but well worth the stops. We left Medford early and headed south for a six hour drive. We were all surprised at the "border crossing" all traffic had to stop at as we entered California. Our initial destination was Muir Woods National Monument which I had visited as a child back in 1964. Other than 40 plus years of growth things haven't changed much. The trees were as tall and impressive as ever! Strolled about the woods a bit and saw a couple of deer but none of the large banana slugs that are prevalent.

After an hour or so there we headed into San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. We were expecting to have to pay a toll but there was no booth before we got on. We did have to pay though as the toll booth is at the end of the bridge... you pay to get off it! Once across the bridge we headed down to Pier 39 and we were  blessed with a parking spot right across the street.

It was a little cool and breezy but we still walked the length of the pier and visited a few of the many shops including the Candy Baron. They give you a bucket, you load it up and pay by the pound. No, we didn't buy any. Had a look over to Alcatraz but didn't have the time to take the tour... next time.

Mount Shasta in all its 14162ft / 4317m glory.

I, Sharon, B and E at the entrance to Muir Woods.

Look up.... waaaayyy up!

One of my favorite kinds of signs!

Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz from Pier 39

Now that's a candy store.

We headed out at about 7o'clock and headed for our hotel in Tracy CA which is about an hour east of San Francisco. Our route took us over the Oakland Bay Bridge. There are five lanes of eastbound traffic on the lower deck and, I assume, the same number of lanes westbound on the upper deck.

Driving was mostly on the Interstate and we had no rain all day. In fact today was the first time we had to use the air conditioning.
Tomorrow we head east to spend a good portion of the day in Yosemite National Park. We'll end the day in Bishop CA.

Over the Bay Bridge... five lanes going the other way on the upper deck.

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