Saturday, June 23, 2012

Festiva in the Park: Day 14

THURSDAY JUNE 14th, 2012

Here we are with a long overdue post. We've already been home for a week... where does the time go?!?

We had a great visit with Jeff, K and family. Thank you for your hospitality!

Jeff, K, B, I, E and me before we hit the road for the day.

Approaching Cody WY

The morning of day 14 finds us driving west and north from Worland to Cody WY. Our target for the day is the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  

B, E and I at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

What an awesome place to visit! Admission covers two days and it is easy to see how you could spend that amount of time there. We tried to make the best of our short visit. The center consists of five separate museums: The Buffalo Bill Museum, one focusing on the natural history of Yellowstone, the Plains Indians Museum, a Western Art Museum, and the Firearms Museum. This last one was the favorite for most of us. It contains the most comprehensive collection of firearms in North America. It traces the history of firearms from the simple flintlocks to modern day machine guns. 

Getting ready for the Calgary Stampede.

E won't be outdone!

B enjoying the Firearms Museum

This a place that would be well worth the trip on its own. You could easily spend two full days and still probably not see it all!

I printing a bookmark on a period press.

It's him... it's really him!!!

Following our visit to Buffalo Bill we hit the highway to Helena MT. Our first impression of Montana's roads was not a favorable one. We hit a stretch that, rather than repair/replace one side of the road then the other, they ripped up the entire width. We traversed this construction site for about ten or fifteen miles before hitting real pavement again.

First impression of Montana highways!

Lots of trains.
One thing we've noticed in both Wyoming and Montana is a large number of trains.

We reached Helena, out last overnight stop of this trip, in good time. We had chosen a bit of a higher rated hotel for this last night and it wasn't a disappointment. Not only was it nicer than most of the places we've stayed in so far, we also earned 1000 bonus Wyndham Rewards points!

Day 15 is the last leg of this road trip. One more "touristy" stop along the way and then home!

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