Thursday, June 14, 2012

Festiva in the Park: Day 12

TUESDAY JUNE 12th, 2012

Day 12 finds us driving from Provo UT to Idaho Falls ID. Our original plan was to head directly up to Craters of the Moon National Monument but Sharon discovered something in Pocatello ID that she wanted to see... Don Aslett's Museum of Clean! Don Aslett is known for being a big promoter of clean having started a cleaning business at the age of 18 (he's 76 as I write this) and that company has expanded to work all over the world. We had a blast... Don himself took us around the place. It's a work in progress having just opening a couple of months ago. Most of the items on display are from his personal collection which he's amassed over the almost 60 years in the cleaning business. I just asked B to sum up her visit in one word... "awe inspiring" was her answer. OK that's two words but you get the idea!

Welcome to Idaho.

The Museum of Clean in Pocatello ID.

We stopped for a quick lunch in Pocatello and drove out to Craters of the Moon National Monument. First stop... the visitor center. Watched the video presentation and learned some of its history. We then headed up the little loop road and stopped at a couple of the view points and short walks. This place is incredible... it's hard to imagine an area so desolate in the middle of the plains! During the heat of summer the air temperature can reach 100°F but the surface will reach upwards of 150°F!! I'm glad we were there on a warm, rather than hot, day!

Me, B, Sharon, I and E at Craters of the Moon National Monument

Splatter cone...

I, B and E looking down into a splatter cone at.....

... snow!!!

One thing that really struck me is the many different kinds of lava. Lots of different colors and textures, shapes and sizes!

Festiva in the Park.

Volcanoes on the plain.

On the way into Idaho Falls we noticed a large number of remnants of volcanoes! I wouldn't want to be in the area if one of these decided to blow. Tomorrow... Yellowstone and Worland WY.

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