Monday, June 4, 2012

Festiva in the Park Day 3

SUNDAY JUNE 3rd, 2012

Day 3 got of to an early start with a 7:30 departure from Jordan's place in downtown Vancouver. We heading south through the Peace Arch border crossing. That didn't hold us up too long as the lineups were relatively short.

Getting loaded up in the parking lot

Welcome to the USA

We continued south through Seattle on our way to Mount St. Helen's. We got a good look at the Space Needle as we drove by.

Seattle Space Needle from I-5 southbound

The road up to Mount St. Helen's was a blast to drive. Lots of twists and turns as it climbs from essentially sea level up to just over 4000ft. We stopped at the Forest Learning Center first and after spending some time there we headed up to the Johnson Ridge Observatory. This took us to the first of our US Parks. It is just awe inspiring to see this place even thirty years after the big event. The destruction that is still evident is just mind boggling. Well worth the investment of time and funds.

A little overcast in the view from afar.

From the Johnson Ridge Observatory

The Festiva in the parking lot.

Yes that's snow and yes it was June 3rd.

Had another great drive out to our overnight destination in Kelso WA. Day 4 will find us in a museum, a house and under a water fall.

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