Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not every road is a winding road.

Most of the road trips and favorite drives I've written about in the past have featured twisty two lane hardtop highways winding their way through mountain and forest. In fact there are some great drives that fit that description only an hour west of our home here in Calgary. 

The picture is considerably different an hour in the opposite direction. When you drive east from here the roads straighten out considerably and the vistas are long and broad. Although my preference is for the twisty bits there's something appealing about the long view too. The following photos were taken on the westward drive from Salem Acres Bible Camp, just west of Big Valley AB, to Innisfail AB along Alberta Highway 590.

This stretch of highway is about as straight as you can get as it rolls across the prairies and is a fairly typical example of the roads to be found across the eastern half of our province.