Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This post is long overdue! I said in my post back in December that I would have some info on the Dodge Colt so here you go.

The Colt was first introduced into North America in 1970 with a 1.6l four cylinder driving the rear wheels through a four speed manual gearbox or the optional 3 speed automatic. I remember it being available as a Plymouth Cricket as well. It was available in this layout until 1979, going through a couple of revisions or generations.

We had a 1974 edition for a couple of years. We called it the "hundred dollar wonder"! When we bought from friends it had no carpet, the front end would shudder, shimmy and shake at anything over 70km/hour and water would come up through the hole in the floor that was missing its plug. Fixed the front end and replaced the plug but never did get around to putting in any carpet.

The "Econobox" version of the car was introduced in 1979. This was the fourth generation of the name plate which was based on the Mitsubishi Mirage and marketed as the Dodge Colt and Plymouth Champ. It was only available as a three door hatch until a five door was added in 1982. Two engines were available, both four cylinders, a 1.4. and a 1.6l. A turbocharged version of the 1.6l was offered in the last year of this generation. There were three different manual transmissions available as well as an automatic. There was a five speed and two different four speeds available with the most intriguing of these being the "Twin Stick" option. This had a 2 speed transfer case which gave the driver 8 forward speeds and two reverse!!! Combined gas mileage ranged from 25-34 mpg  with the "Twin Stick" option on the lower end of the scale.

Twin Stick ad.

1982 Plymouth Champ. Photo found at

The fifth generation of the Colt was introduced as a 1985 model. A 4 door sedan was added to the lineup as was a 4x4 wagon. The base engine was a 1.5l four cylinder with a 102hp turbocharged 1.6l available as well. The wagon got a larger 1.8l non-turbo engine. Gas mileage ranged from 22-33 mpg. The next generation was introduced in 1989

1985 Colt, photo found at

This new Colt was taller, wider, longer and heavier than previous years and was on the market until 1992. Three engines were available, a 1.5l and 1.6l normally aspirated. A 135hp turbocharged 1.6l was offered only in the 1989 model year. Transmissions available were 3 and 4 speed standard and a 3 speed automatic. Gas mileage ranged from 26-28.

Sixth generation Colt

There was a seventh generation introduced in 1993 but as far as I can tell was only available for two years.

So there you go.. another econobox for you to enjoy.