Monday, October 3, 2011

Festiva Madness trip... day ten

Today's drive took us from Dandridge TN into Kentucky for a few miles then into Illinois before arriving at our destination just outside St Louis, Missouri.

We Canadians have something to learn about highway traffic from our neighbours to the south. This is a photo inside the rest area/welcome center at the Tennessee border...

E & I at the Tennesse Welcome center.
The Interstates are in generally good condition well marked exits and markers at every mile. Even when going through or around a town or city there seems to be good flow. The only time we experienced any real congestion was a few days ago south of Washington DC and between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.

Interstate through Tennessee.
We decided to bypass Nashville as we were looking forward to a relaxing evening at our next stop. We went through Kentucky without any troubles passing through Paducah on our way into Illinois. If any of you have listened to Veggie Tales "Boyz in the Sink" you should recognize that name!

Next stop was Metropolis Illinois, home of the 40 foot Superman statue. Thanks to the Hills for recommending this stop! Although it was short it was a lot of fun.

E & B posing...

Clark Kent and B must have the same glasses supplier!
A super car for Superman?
The drive from Metropolis to St Louis was fairly uneventful but we did notice a few more semi's on the road along with a bit more traffic. On our way through St Louis to our hotel we crossed the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The shots we took of the Gateway Arch didn't turn out too well as we weren't very close on our drive by.

Our hotel, the Super 8 in Troy MO turned out to be one of the top two on our trip so far! It's a fairly new building, has an indoor pool, free movies rentals, fairly quick computers and a fast internet connection. We headed over to Hardee's for supper. This was the last time that E could order off the children's menu as it was only for 12 and under!

E and his last "children's meal"!!!
After all going for a swim Sharon and I picked out a movie for B, E and I to watch and then headed out to the lobby to enjoy the complimentary coffee while I updated the blog and watched some HGTV on the lobby TV.

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  1. Gotta admit, the super car for super man made my night! :) Happy belated birthday to the birthday boy!!