Friday, October 21, 2011

What other econoboxes are in the Café?

Another popular econobox from the CAFE era is the Geo Metro. This car came in several guises such as the Pontiac Firefly, Chevrolet Sprint, Suzuki Swift and Forsa. First introduced to North America in 1988 it was available until the 2000 model year (2001 for the Metro). Here's an interesting discussion on the merits of the Metro compared to the Festiva.

We did notice at least one Metro on our Festiva Madness trip. It was a 3rd generation hatchback that we spotted in North Platte NE. Didn't get a chance to talk to the owner but did notice the car had Florida license plates. So assuming that he was from the Orlando area (just a wild guess) he was about 2670 km / 1660 miles from home. Was he perhaps on a Metro Madness trip? Who knows?

This is similar to the one we spotted in North Platte.
Photo is linked to source

The Metro and its kin came in several formats over the years. They included a four door sedan, four door hatch and a convertible. Engine options ranged from a 1.0l 3 cylinder up to a 1.6l 16 valve 4 cylinder. I still see lots of these cars around my area, even more so than the Festiva. That's probably due to the fact that they were produced for a lot longer.

Watch this space for more info and photos!

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