Sunday, October 2, 2011

Festiva Madness trip Day 8

Day 8 of the trip found us in Colonial Williamsburg for most of the day and then on to Virginia Beach.

Colonial Williamsburg is an amazing place! The thing that really struck me is that this is part of the modern town. There are private residences right next to some of the display buildings and after hours you can drive your car down the streets as you would any where else. You don't actually have to pay to wander around but if you want to look in any of the buildings or take any of the tours a ticket is required.

We toured the Governor's Palace and the Capitol among others and Sharon, B and Ian took part in a hearing in the courthouse. We'll have lots of stories to tell when we get home as well as lots of recommendations and suggestions for your own visit!

Next stop on the day was Virginia Beach. The drive there and back was eye opening as we traveled both directions in rush hour traffic. HOV lanes helped a bit but traffic bottlenecked at each of the tunnels we had to go through. Had a short but really enjoyable time splashing about in the salt water. I suggested to B, E and I that they taste the water. B and I just licked their wet hands but E actually drank some... spit it our rather quickly too!

Had another rainy night drive into Raleigh but arrived safe and sound around 10:00pm.

Arriving at Colonial Williamsburg

Eye popping colour in the Dining Room of the Governor's Palace

Too many choices in the Magazine...

Taking stock of our day!

The Courthouse

A little bit of Scotland

A"maze" ing...

Traffic on the way to the beach... we're in the HOV lanes.

E & I enjoying the surf of the Atlantic Ocean.


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