Saturday, October 15, 2011

Festiva Madness trip... day 14. Homeward bound

This is the last day of our road trip. In a way it's a bit sad but we are all looking forward to getting home.

Our drive took us from Billings Montana, through Great Falls, across the border at Sweetgrass and then home via Lethbridge and Fort Macleod. Billings was cold and and a bit overcast when we left and the weather got slowly worse as we headed north. Hit rain at Great Falls and it didn't stop until we got close to home. Thankfully it stopped just before we arrived at the house so we were able to unload in the dry.

Montana scenery

Contrast of the times: a roadside cattle drive past a wind farm. Boy was it windy!

Rain up ahead!

The drivers' side wiper decided to succumb to the wind, go off the side of the windshield and get hung up on the antenna! Stopped  just over the border and fixed it... sort of.

In line, in the rain, at the border.

Welcome back to Alberta.

You know you're back in Canada when...

Here's some info for the statistically minded:

5 people and their luggage
14 days

18 states, DC and 2 provinces
Distance traveled: 10167 km / 6317 miles
Lowest elevation: At first I thought it was sea level at Virginia Beach but my youngest reminded me that we went through a tunnel under a shipping channel to get to the beach. Checked it out and we were actually at 33 meters / 108 feet below sea level!
Highest elevation: 2946m / 9666 feet at Powder River Pass WY
Fuel consumed: 671.3 litres / 177.3 US gallons
Average fuel economy: 6.6 per 100km /  35.6 miles per US gallon
Lowest price paid for gas in the US: 79.2¢ per litre / $2.999 per US gallon in Troy Missouri
Highest price paid for gas in the US: 108.3¢ per litre / $4.099 per US gallon in Washington DC
Average price paid for gas in the US: 90.7¢ per litre / $3.433 per US gallon
Total fuel costs for the trip: $609.12
Total tolls paid: $1.00
Least expensive hotel per night: Travelodge in Williamsburg approx: $45.00
Most expensive hotel per night: Channel Inn in Washington DC approx. $142.00 per night (only hotel without an included breakfast). Surprisingly the next most expensive was in Bismarck ND at about $114.00
Average hotel per night: $81.00

So there you go... a nineteen year old well maintained econobox can make a big trip! I hope you have enjoyed following our journey as much as we enjoyed making it! We thank the Lord that we were able to make this trip and do so safely. Looking forward to our next adventure!

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