Monday, October 3, 2011

Festiva Madness trip... day nine

Well here we are in beautiful Raleigh NC. Except for the occasional breezy periods the weather was great!

We were the 12th Festiva to sign in and by noon the total was up to 73 Festivas and Aspires, beating last year's attendance by four. A group of five or six cars came up from Florida.

I would say that about a quarter of the cars there had engine swaps ranging from mild, like ours with a SOHC B6 to Chris's Mazda KL-ZE 2.5l V-6 shoe horned into the engine compartment. The most common swap appeared to be the Escort GT 1.8l DOHC engine.

We took the longest distance traveled (one way) with 2750 miles. Second went to Charlie from Arizona whose one way distance was 2200 miles. Third was from Sioux Falls SD with a distance of 1100 miles.

Lowest mileage went to the car with only 53100 original miles, highest went to a car with over 300,000 miles.

We had a great time meeting a lot of people who we've only met on the forum. Some of them have said that they are considering coming up for Westiva 2012, our upcoming Kananaskis Festiva meet in July!

Here are a few photos that we took. Here's a link to more. If you're interested I'm pretty sure that there will be a link or two to even more on

Welcome desk!

An overview

One of the two Festiva truck conversions.

Charlies car after a 2200 mile drive! He won the "fan favorite" award.

Sharon, E, I, B and me with the Festiva.

Another overview

We left Raleigh at about three-thirty and headed off to Dandridge, Tennessee. Arrived at the hotel at around 9:45pm after a drive through some pretty twisty roads. Unfortunately it was dark when we went through the mountains and weren't able to enjoy the scenery. Tomorrow's drive takes us to St. Louis passing through four states.

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