Saturday, October 12, 2019

If you plan it they will come... day sixteen

Saturday October 12th

Woke up to another chilly morning, at least by San Antonio standards, as the effects of the cold front that came through yesterday are still being felt. Had our breakfast, met up with Andrew and Phyllis, stopped to fuel up both vehicles and hit the road... this time heading northward toward Amarillo TX.

Really cool VW bus spotted on the way out of San Antonio

80 mph/130kph speed limit

First time we'd noticed cotton!

NB on Texas Highway 70 near Sweetwater TX

At the WASP WWll Museum

I was looking forward to today's drive as more than half of it would be off the interstate. The only planned stop for the day was a the National WASP WW2 Museum near Sweetwater TX. This museum is dedicated to the women that made up the Women's Airforce Service Pilots. Qualifications were quite high; recruits had to be between 21 and 35 years old, in good health, over 5'-2" (157cm) tall, in possession of a pilot's license and 500 hours of flight time. More than twenty five thousand women applied to join the WASP only 1830 were accepted. Of the 1074 that completed training there was a lone Canadian, Virginia Lee Warren Doerr from Winnipeg. Once training was completed the pilots were tasked with flying newly built planes from the factories to airbases all over the continental USA.

One of the trainers.

Typical barracks for the ladies.


 Janice, our host, gave us a tour of the museum and shared stories of some of the women that came through the program. We enjoyed the static displays and the stories, well worth the visit.

Our host Janice with Sharon, Phyllis and me.

From Sweetwater we continued north to Amarillo. The car was still running roughly so decided to stop by an auto parts store and pick up new spark plugs hoping that those might cure the miss. Once we got to the campground, the Amarillo KOA Journey, I pulled the plugs and noted that one was black as coal while the remaining three were fine so at least I narrowed it down to a miss on one cylinder. Installed the new plugs and hoped for the best... we'll find out if there's any improvement in the morning.

New spark plugs going in at the Amarillo KOA
Day sixteen route.

Before retiring for the night we finalized our plans for the next leg of our journey. From Amarillo we're headed to Colorado Springs and getting closer to home!

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