Sunday, October 6, 2019

If you plan it they will come... day ten

Sunday October 6th

Our previous road trips have been quite structured in that we had hotels booked for every night so that we knew where we had to be and when. 

This trip is different... we only had hotels booked for our three nights is Washington DC and for another two nights upcoming in San Antonio, TX. Our original destination for this day was the Montgomery AL area then Pensacola FL the next. Andrew said that he'd like to head to a beach on the Atlantic so that meant an adjustment.

This is where travelling with an RV is an advantage as we rejigged our route so that we would end up close Jacksonville FL and start our next day at the beach.

Getting ready to say goodbye on Sunday morning.
We bid farewell to the Madness crew and made our way to to I-95 via I-440 and I-40. The drive south was fairly uneventful with no planned stops other than for fuel and refreshment.
One of those refreshment stops was the Sumter County Welcome Area in South Carolina. 

At the Sumter County SC Welcome Area off southbound I-95
About to cross Lake Marion SC
Enjoyed our lunch under the trees before continuing on our way to the Jacksonville North/St. Mary's KOA campground just north of he Georgia/Florida state line. This was our first campsite of the trip, our previous overnights were either at rest stops, hotels or at Madness Central! For Sharon and me it was our first experience with a KOA campground and it set the bar fairly high for upcoming stays! We all took advantage of the pool as it had been a bit warm during the drive down. Just as we were getting out of the pool it started to rain which turned out to be a precursor of what the following morning would bring. 

Our campsite for the night.
Our route for the day.

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