Monday, October 7, 2019

If you plan it they will come... day eleven

Monday October 7th

It's beach day! It's also Andrew and Phyllis' wedding anniversary! Our KOA had a complimentary breakfast so we took advantage of that before heading off for the day. 

Anniversary breakfast for Andrew and Phyllis!
Our first stop would be Jacksonville Beach, about an hour away. Our route took us over the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Bridge, one of the largest cable stay bridges in the USA.It's also know as the Dames Point Bridge.

A soggy morning drive.

Coming off the south end of the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Bridge

Rules and regulations for everything.

It was rainy and windy most of the way in but once we arrived at the beach itself the rain had let up for a bit.  

Andrew & Phyllis on the beach.
On Jacksonville Beach just south of the pier.
We returned to our vehicles and started to head west to our next destination, Miramar Beach. Our grocery supply was in need of topping up so we stopped at a Walmart near Lake City FL. From there we stopped in the Tallahassee area to refuel and then made our way to Geronimo RV Resort in Miramar Beach. This was clean and well maintained and only a ten minute walk from the beach!

All settled in our designated spot.
Once we got set up we headed to the beach to check things out. It was already dark and we were surprised by the number of people. There were family groups with their headlamps ablaze digging for something. We talked to one group and the "something" was little white ghost crabs! The ghost crab is a semi-terrestrial crab that is always present on the beach, but comes out at night to hunt for smaller prey. One little guy was a little disappointed when his parents said he couldn't take them home with them! 

A ghost crab.
Alvin's Island Miramar Beach
Miramar Beach has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. One place you couldn't miss is Alvin's Island with its colorful exterior. Inside you'll find anything from alligator heads to floaties and everything "beachy" in-between!  

That brought our day to a close. We've had our feet in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico and driven across the Florida panhandle in-between. Looking forward to what tomorrow has in store. 

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