Friday, September 27, 2019

If you plan it they will come... day one

The day started out a little chilly with the Calgary weather forecast calling for snow!!!!

Fluids topped off, luggage, tools & parts all packed. Ready to go!!
The roads were familiar as we have done this route a number of times in the past. It was raining on and off for the whole drive to Moose Jaw.

Alberta prairie views

Welcome to Saskatchewan

We made a detour to Gravelbourg SK to see the brick buildings. It was really cold so we didn't go for the self guided walking tour. We will get back there soon! 

Typical prairie highways.

The Bishops House, Gravelbourg SK

Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption, Gravelbourg SK

Met up with Andrew and Phyllis in Moose Jaw where we will be spending the night in their RV! 

The Moose!! Notice anything????
Day two will be our longest... just over 1,000km / 660 miles!!! Thanks for joining us on this trip. Would love to hear from you... be sure to leave a comment below. Update: as you can see, Mac the Moose is missing his antlers and here's why.


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    1. You win! Apparently there's a town in Norway that had a moose with bigger antlers and that just wasn't acceptable to the fine folk of Moose Jaw.