Monday, June 2, 2014

A 'ferry' tale road trip day one, June 2, 2014

Started the day off by finishing up the exhaust system on my daughter's car. I learned my lesson last year about doing last minute work on mine!! 

Left the house at around 11:00am and headed west. Our target for the day is Creston BC via Canmore, Radium Hot Springs and Cranbrook. We took Highway 1A out through Cochrane AB and continued through Seebe and Exshaw before a stop at one of our favorite thrift stores in Canmore. Before reaching Canmore we noticed that the Bow River was running quite high. Hopefully this is not a precursor to another flood like last year's!

Heading down the hill westbound into Cochrane, AB

High water in the Bow River between Cochrane and Canmore.

After a successful stop in Canmore we continued on our way past Banff to Radium Hot Springs via Highway 93. We had purchased a National Park Pass recently so that allowed us the option of making some stops along the way. We chose Marble Canyon, just on the BC side of the continental divide, for our first one. This area was ravaged by a forest fire in 2003, you can see the bare trunks in a couple of the photos. It was raining when we pulled into the parking lot and we debated whether or not to stay and make the short hike up the trail. As we sat in the car discussing things the rain stopped and the sun came out... easy decision!
Making the turn off Highway 1, the Trans-Canada, onto Highway 93.
Here's a couple of photos at Marble Canyon...

Yes it's June and yes, that's snow and ice...

At the top just before the creek drops into the canyon. You can see the bare trunks... remnants of the 2003 forest fire.

Almost at the bottom on the way back to the parking lot.
It's sometimes hard to believe that beautiful spots like this are just a five minute walk off the highway. The parking lot is well marked and it's well worth stopping.

Back in the car and southward! 
Highway 93 southbound just before Vermilion Crossing.

One of the two black bears we saw just before Radium, around Olive Lake.

If you look closely you should be able to see the grizzly spotted along the same stretch of road!

Through Sinclair Canyon.

So that was exciting... two black bears and one grizzly within a 3 km stretch of highway. When you see the two different types of bears that close together the difference is really striking. From Radium Hot Springs we continued south towards Invermere for a gas stop.

Down the hill into Invermere, BC.
After filling up with petrol we made our way southward to Cranbrook. This took us through Fairmont Hot Springs and Canal Flats. We opted to take the main route from there so that we didn't go through Kimberley. Another quick stop in Cranbrook for a snack and then on to Creston.

Highway 93 between Invermere and Fairmont

Across Dutch Creek

Overlooking Columbia Lake and Canal Flats... headwaters of the mighty Columbia River! That's what it said on the sign.

Across the Kootenay River...

Welcome to Cranbrook.

Moyie Lake on your right...
After we passed Moyie Lake we crossed the Moyie River several times before reaching our destination; the Ramada Inn in Creston. 

Across the Moyie..


... and again!

Welcome to Creston!

Nice to see grain elevators still standing.

Today was a great day for a drive. Even though it rained for some of the time it stopped when we wanted to be outside. Our route is mostly two lane highways and of the kind I really enjoy... lots of twists and turns through some awesome scenery. I have a great co-pilot and the car is running well so far. Thanks to Sharon for taking all the photos you are enjoying in this post. I have a couple on my phone that I will add later.

Tomorrow it's off to Nelson BC via the Kootenay Lake Ferry and then on to Osoyoos BC!

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