Monday, September 26, 2011

Festiva Madness trip: Day 4

Another great day! Only a couple of hours in the car.
Spent most of the day touring the Creation Museum in Petersburg KY. The closest major center is Cincinnati and if you are anywhere close to there I would highly recommend a visit. We spent almost six hours at the museum and could probably have spent longer. Lots to see and the overall quality matches or exceeds the Royal Tyrell in Drumheller AB.

After our time there we drove down to Paris, the one in Kentucky not France! Drove about 20 miles off the interstate and it was worth it just for the drive! Beautiful two lane road with gorgeous homes and ranches on either side. We were expecting lots of white fence but most were either black or dark brown. Several older low stone fences too.

Bought gas for the lowest price so far on the trip... $3.229 a gallon ( 85.4 cents per litre!).

Fossil of a hungry fish.

Get ready to run!

Calgary Stampede here I come!

The men on a floating bridge.

This fossil is called the Burning Tree Mastodon... no not the guy on the right... the skeleton.

Sharon and me.... still smiling!

That is a banana tree... growing outside.. in Kentucky!

The camera timer works.

Ready for the next leg of the journey.

Rush hour traffic... just like Calgary's Deerfoot Trail except that it moves!

Beautiful Kentucky from the Interstate.

Even more beautiful Kentucky back road.

Welcome to Paris KY.

Doing the dishes.... hotel style.

Thank you to Gran and Grandad for the ice cream money! We hope it's OK that some of it didn't buy ice cream! Tomorrow brings a fort, a cave, three states, a district and another 800km (500 miles).


  1. Nice banana tree.
    Nice smiles.
    Missing you.

  2. Great pic of you and Mom! The backroad looks gorgeous! The girls will be glad to see new pictures of everyone at breakfast tomorrow, they get so excited when I show them to them...

    Wait a second? All five of you fit in one Festiva?

  3. Just found your blog! Looks like a fabulous trip :-) Emily likes the hungry fish fossil... do you think it took millions of years to fossilize? LOL!

  4. Note to Meghan: My wife and I used to put our 4 kids in the back seat of a 1986 Yugo. Squished 'em in like Sardines. It was great 'cause they couldn't move to fight. They are all girls. What did you expect, lol. Liked the Yugo back then, but my 91 Festiva's better.