Friday, September 23, 2011

Festiva Madness trip Day 1

Well, we made it safely to Bismarck ND! 1300 km (780 miles) in a total of 14 hours travel time. I don't have the fuel consumption figured out yet but can tell you the the most we paid for gas was $1.26.9 per liter (works out to $4.80 per US gallon) and the cheapest was $3.78 per US gallon just north of Minot ND> That works out to about 99.9cents per liter.

We left Calgary about an hour later than we wanted but still got to our hotel in time for E & I to go for a swim. The car ran great too in spite of discovering the new shock I installed to replace the one that was leaking was itself leaking. Ended up having to "adjust" the lip of the fender to stop the tire from rubbing.

Crossing the border was pretty straightforward but we all felt a little intimidated by the border guards! Funniest thing was the border guard asked me what I did for a living then he asked "Are you not good at your job or are you just saving money?"

Ended up doing all the driving today because Sharon turned her ankle while we were packing the car last night. She's doing much better today and should be fine by the time we get to Petersburg KY and the Creation Museum.

Tomorrow we head from Bismarck through Fargo ND, Minneapolis MN and end the day just north of Madison WI. Not quite as long as today and it will be all Interstate.

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  1. The girls think this book would be way more interesting with pictures.