Saturday, February 1, 2020

Show N Shine planning time.

Part two in a series:

You've decided on a show... what's next? There's lots of things to consider... time commitment, location, costs, in town, out of town, what do I need to bring, what to do during the show and others. If the show you're interested in going to has preregistration I recommend registering early to ensure that you can get in and show your ride.

Found a shady spot at the Okotoks Show N Shine August 2019

If the event you're considering is a fair distance from your home then there are a couple of other things that play into the decision making process. Whether you are going solo or with a companion adds another dimension to that process. I'll use our experience with last year's Okotoks Show N Shine as an example.

1957 Ford Ranchwagon at the Okotoks Show N Shine August 2019
The venue for that show is about an hour from our home. I wanted to arrive when registration opened at 8:00am which meant we would have to leave before 7:00am. If it was just me going this wouldn't have been a concern but Sharon was going to be joining me for the day and there's not a lot going on early on a Sunday morning in Okotoks. Our choice was to book a hotel in Okotoks on the Saturday night so we could have a more relaxed Sunday morning. I took advantage of the hotel breakfast, headed to the local car wash for 8:00am then made my way through registration and got set up. Sharon stayed a bit longer at the hotel then walked over to join me later. Staying at the hotel added to the cost of the weekend but it was well worth it. 

At the Cochrane Show N Shine, May 2019

Even when it rains.....
You'll want your vehicle look its best. Our car is driven almost every day and in all kinds of weather and may not be what some would consider a "show car". Our preparation entails vacuuming the interior, taking out unnecessary stuff, giving the exterior a wash, cleaning up the engine compartment and polishing the shiny bits. We do this ourselves mainly to keep costs down but you could use the services of a detailing company. 

All cleaned up and ready to go!

I like to show up early to shows mostly to have the chance to pick a good spot close to the center of the action. At some shows you are able to pick your own spot, others will have people directing you. It pays to show up early even to the latter type as there is a lot more space available. If it's possible try and get a layout for the event in advance so you can figure out where you'd like to park. I like to find a spot that's close to a washroom and has a bit of shade. If there's a chance I'm going to leave early I'll pick a spot that makes it easy to do so and if there is live music you might want a spot that's not too close to the stage. If friends are showing their cars it's always nice to coordinate arrival and setup times so that you can be parked close together. Same holds true if you know of others with similar vehicles.

Bowness Auto Parts Show N Shine 2019
What to bring... a couple of folding chairs, an umbrella both for sun and rain, snacks, water, your phone and a camera. Be prepared for different weather conditions! Have a hat, jacket and sunscreen on hand as well as the umbrella I already mentioned. I also bring some business cards for this blog to hand out.

Westiva 2017. Wedge Pond, Kananaskis.
In the next post I'll talk about how we set up for the show and what we do to keep ourselves busy. Do you have any tips and tricks for displaying your car? Leave us a comment below!

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