Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Remember not to be a fool"

As I write this post it is less than a week until spring "officially" starts. To look out my office window to see a foot of snow on the garage roof you wouldn't think so. However it does bring to mind a couple of things. First, when should I take of the noisy studded winter tires and  put on the summers? Second, where will road trips take us this year?

All decked out for winter!
Lots can be found on the technical aspects of the correct timing for the summer/winter tire switchover.
I like the little saying I learned a few years ago... "remember not to be a fool". Winter tires go on around Rememberance Day, November 11th. Summers go back on around April 1st, April Fools day. Weather and road conditions around those dates will play a part in the decision to switch over of course... if there's still lots of snow on the ground and in the forecast for early April it would probably be wise to keep the winters on for a little longer

We haven't started to answer the second question yet. We do have a couple of ideas, perhaps a trip into BC, maybe Montana or Idaho, who knows? 

Here's an article posted by Belair Direct with a few ideas for Canadian road trips. We may just try and get the Icefields Parkway done this year. We've done it in other vehicles but not yet in a Festiva.

What road trips are you planning or would you recommend? We'd love to hear from you in the the comment section below!


  1. We'd love to explore the Icefields Parkway in early August then head north to Dawson Creek to visit family. Then we'll head to the Lower Mainland for more family time and hang out on Vancouver Island for October and November. Wanna join us?

    1. Just might work to join you for the run up to Jasper!