Monday, July 25, 2016

Westiva 2016 photos

In spite of the rainy weather we had a great day! Final tally: five Festivas and one Suzuki Swift convertible.

Of the five Festivas only two were stock and only one of those was an automatic. The other three had engine swaps and some other custom work. Even the Swift had some modifications in the engine bay!

Joe and his friend Brian drove in from Saskatoon and won the "Long Distance" award, a gift card from RockAuto.

Joe's military themed Fesitva

1.8l DOHC sourced from an Escort GT

Those are not bombs but speaker enclosures!
Julian drove down from Edmonton to join us in his B6 SOHC swapped Festiva...

This definitely qualifies as a low budget build. Julian paid less than $200 for the car, sold about $100 worth of parts off it which he put back into the car, then used bit and pieces he had lying around to put it all back together. Net cash out of pocket... $160!!

Julian was accompanied by Ryan and his family in their stock '93 Festiva. This car has seen a lot of misfortune over the years that Ryan has owned it but it keeps going strong. They are planning a cross country trip in their Festiva for next year and making some improvements and modifications to make the trip a little more comfortable.

Next to arrive was Sara, a family friend, in her '93 Festiva with automatic transmission. Other than the aftermarket wheels this car is stock.

Our special guest this year was Drew from Calgary in his Suzuki Swift convertible. The engine bay features a 1.0l 3 cylinder turbocharged engine which I believe was sourced from a Swift GTI, as were the wheels.

I had my B6T Festiva there as well of course. You can go to this page if you would like to learn more about it.

A Westiva regular call me in the morning to say that he wasn't able to join us and the gentleman I was expecting from Macon, Georgia had to cancel at the last minute. Met some new friends, lots of car talk, great ice cream... all in all a great day.  Looking forward to Westiva 2017 already. 

Thanks to for providing some giveaways and the gift card that was used for the long distance  award. Thanks also to for making the Westiva 2016 stickers for us.

Here's a few more shots of the meet...


Thanks most of all to all those that were able to join us on a rainy day. Comments and questions would be greatly appreciated... use the space below. 

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