Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A positive U-Haul experience!!

As I posted a few weeks ago we rented a U-Haul car trailer back in May so that we could pick up the "new to us" Festiva in Edmonton, AB, 300km north of our home in Calgary. I've heard so many negative stories about renting from U-Haul that I was really cautious about this transaction. 

I found the rental outlet, Kensington Auto in northwest Calgary, to be very helpful and was able to rearrange both pick up and drop off  times on short notice. The trip up to Edmonton was uneventful and we made it to our destination right on time. Loaded up the car, made a couple of stops in town and then headed out on the highway home.

This was about 4:00 on a Sunday afternoon with the usual traffic southbound on Highway 2, the Queen Elizabeth Highway, and we were only about 20 minutes out of Edmonton between Nisku and Leduc. Someone passed us, yelling and pointing at the trailer. We pulled over and discovered that one of the tires had blown and I thought we were going to be stranded overnight.

Here comes the good part... I called U-Haul's road side assistance number and arranged to have the tire replaced. That process only took 10 or 15 minutes... OK, so far so good. To cut a long story short, we were soon joined by a tire repair truck from Leduc. We were told that both tires on that side would be replaced so the repairman removed the tires, went to his shop and returned with the new ones ready to reinstall. From the time I first called U-Haul to the time we were back on the road  was only 2 hours and 15 minutes. I was most impressed considering that this was relatively late on a Sunday afternoon and we were about 20 minutes or so away from the tire shop.

Thanks to Kensington Auto for the great service and to U-Haul for the excellent road side assistance.

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