Thursday, August 30, 2012

Going-to-the-Sun: Day two.


After a comfortable night in the Columbia Falls Super 8 we headed south. We spent some time in Kalispell then headed back north towards Whitefish, but not after buying four cases of Cherry Coke to bring home! We did see a couple of Festivas in Kalispell. One looked to be in fairly good shape but I wasn't able to grab a picture. The other one appeared to be in need of some TLC...

One of two Festivas spotted in Kalispell MT

We arrived in Whitefish right around lunch time so we stopped at a little place called Cafe Max Soup Company. The service was quick and friendly, prices reasonable and most importantly the food was excellent! Worth the stop if you're in the Whitefish area. 

From Whitefish it was time to make our way to the border. We filled up with gas in Eureka and figured out that we got about 50 miles per imperial gallon on the previous tank (that works out to about 40 miles per US gallon or less than 6 liters per 100km). Our border crossing was uneventful with the usual questions being asked, although we didn't get the $10,000 question this time.

I commented to Sharon that with most of the driving being on secondary highways with their lower speed limits I was finding the drive more relaxed and less stressful... none of the 80mph stretches of interstates we encountered in Utah last trip!

Welcome to BC!
Ran through a bit of rain on today's drive but nothing too major. Our destination at day's end was Cranbrook. We arrived around four o'clock with an on-going discussion about where to have supper. It was decided that we head to the hotel first so while checking in I asked for a recommendation. ABC Country Restaurant was the very quick reply so that's where we went; after the boys went for a swim. We again found the service to be quick and friendly, prices reasonable and our burgers tasted great. So there you go... two restaurant recommendations in one post.

After we ate we went for a stroll along the shores of Elizabeth Lake, a wildlife reserve just on the outskirts of town.

E, I and Sharon

E and I investigating the environment.
... getting a closer look.
Not sure what these are but there's sure a lot of them.
Leave a comment if you know what those little critters are. One of our guesses is some kind of shrimp.

Looking south-west over Elizabeth Lake.

We all enjoyed stretching our legs after a few hours in the car. We returned back to our hotel, watched a couple of episodes of "Texas Storage Wars" then headed to bed to rest up for the last leg of this relatively short road trip.

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